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The following warranties extend only to the buyer named or his or her immediate family. To qualify for these warranties you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 5 days of purchase.

Should the puppy be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the breeder, the puppy may, upon presentation of a written diagnosis from said veterinarian, be returned for a refund of the purchase price, or for another puppy of equal value.

The puppy is guaranteed to be inoculated with first vaccines, dewormed, and registered with the American Kennel Club.

The puppy is warrantied against major communicable disease's (i.e.-distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis) for ten days after date of sale. Should the puppy develop a major communicable disease within the ten days of sale, the breeder must be notified immediately and will provide instructions for refund or replacement or payment of said puppy's veterinarian costs. However, it is the buyer's responsibility to inoculate said puppy, on time after leaving the breeder's care, and to isolate the said puppy from other dogs and puppies until the inoculations have been completed.

The said puppy is guaranteed against the following hereditary disease's should they appear at maturity (two years) or before;

1) Hereditary Cataracts (juvenile) 2) Hip Dysplasia: grade 2,3 3) Elbow Dysplasia: grade 2,3 4) Von Willebrands Disease 5) Sub-aortic Stenosis (S.A.S.) 6) Central Progressive Retinal Atropy (C.P.R.A.) 7) Epilepsy (Grand Mal)

Should the said puppy develop any of the warrantied hereditary disease's the buyer will be given a full refund of purchase price or first pick (pet) of next litter, buyer's choice, upon presentation of said dog back to ASORO'S. If buyer wishes to keep said dog, purchase price will be refunded with proof of neutering or spaying of said dog.

General Terms and Conditions

A) Hip X-rays must be read by a qualified radiologist. Hip guarantee is null and void if a female is bred and whelped before an O.F.A. certificate is issued. Because recent studies have proven that excess weight druing the growth years can and does cause hip dysplasia, ASORO'S refuses to take full responsibility for dysplasia in an overweight dog. Any dog more than fifteen pounds overweight will be refunded at half of the purchase price. Veterinarian records must be made available to prove good weight control.

Females: 18-19 in. (55 lbs); 19 1/2-20 1/2. (60 lbs); 21-22 in. (65 lbs.)
Males: 21-22 in. (70 lbs); 22 1/2-23 1/2 in. (75 lbs); 24-25 in. (80 lbs.)

B) Eye exams must be completed by a board certified opthalmologist.

C) S.A.S. is to be confirmed by echocardiography and doppler performed by a board certified cardiologist.

D) ASORO'S reserves the right to confirm any warrantied diagnosis, at their expense, with a qualified veterinarian specialist.

E) If you choose a replacement puppy, you may choose a new puppy with a retail price equal to that of your origional puppy.

F) ASORO'S is not responsible for any payments of veterinarian fees for examinations, drugs, X-rays, or other treatments, except for those noted in a sick puppy guarantee.

G) If you are returning a dog or puppy for replacement or refund, you must also return any registration or applications to register delivered to you. You must also sign any and all papers necessary to transfer ownership back to ASORO'S.

H) ASORO'S makes no warrantee that you will be able to show or breed your puppy except when the puppy is bought as a show prospect.

This written agreement is the entire agreement between the purchaser and ASORO'S GOLDEN'S, concerning the health, condition, or loss of the puppy purchased today. Purchaser will not rely on any oral statements contrary to this written agreement. Purchaser has read these warranties including the General Terms and Conditions, all of which are understood and accepted.